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Sundays 10am

In the Church
Wadestown Road

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We are currently office sharing at:

34 Pitt Street
Wellington 6012

Phone: 04 499 7224

Email: wadestownpc@xtra.co.nz

We are on Facebook. Come and check us out.

Office hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9am to 1pm

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We worship
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About us

Wadestown Presbyterian (WPC) is the church opposite the Plunket playground on Wadestown Road.
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A bit of history

We were established in 1881, meeting for the first 20 years at Wadestown School (which was also established in 1881 along with St Luke's Anglican Wadestown parish). Our original church building, built in 1901, now serves as our hall and was 'rolled down the hill' to its present site in the late 1920's to make way for the current church building which was opened in 1958.
The people who belong to WPC today come from much further afield than just Wadestown. In fact just over 50% of us live in the Wadestown/Wilton area, while the rest of us live in Karori through to Johnsonville and down into the city.

Our worship

People are attracted to WPC's 'informal traditional' style of worship which encourages participation from the congregation (eg in leading prayers, sharing stories of faith, taking part in the 'all ages together' time), is 'kids friendly', has a mixture of hymns and songs both contemporary and traditional, uses times of silence as well as spoken responses and values preaching which has a good 'head/heart mix'.

Our Life together

The WPC congregation recognises that we are a diverse group of people certainly in regards to our spread of ages, from newborns to people in their 80's, but also in regards to theological outlook. People who are part of our congregation have come from many different traditions, worship styles and understandings of faith and life.
We are committed to the Christian practise of hospitality, of respecting and welcoming one another as we believe Jesus did, believing that opening ourselves to 'the stranger' (whether it is someone who is new or someone who thinks or believes in a different way to us) will open our eyes to the presence of God in our midst.
Part of our commitment to hospitality also includes our enjoyment of sharing food together! We do this in various ways: our monthly Birthday Sunday where we celebrate the birthdays of people over a large birthday cake at morning tea, Mystery Dinners, Hospitality Lunches, the church picnic, our annual meeting, our regular morning tea after the Sunday service....we look for ways to share food together recognising that Jesus used meals and the image of feasts to talk about God's acceptance and to demonstrate God's feeding of our hunger.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen and unify our community through the way of Jesus Christ.

You're very welcome to join us for worship every Sunday morning at 10am.We welcome all visitors and newcomers and invite everyone to stay for morning tea after the service.


WPC is currently in the process of appointing a full time Minister.  In the meantime any enquiries can be directed to the office to our Interim Moderator Rev Paul Prestidge

For Contact details: Ph 499 7224 or email wadestownpc@xtra.co.nz

We are on Facebook, come and check out the latest happenings at WPC

NOTE: The office is open part time on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 1pm.